I think I’m in love 😱😷

Feeling vulnerable? A little exposed? Like you want me to hurt you more…a lot more? 

I can’t understand you when you mumble, but let’s assume that was a “Yes, Sir”

Feeling vulnerable? A little exposed? Like you want me to hurt you more…a lot more?

I can’t understand you when you mumble, but let’s assume that was a “Yes, Sir”

I’ve made a start on answering a few of my many asks, I intend to spend some time every night this week to catching up.

My last week has been busy, long and mainly disappointing.
I often find myself trying to decide whether people are making fun of me.

Above is a photo of a very thoughtful gift I received this evening. A beautiful cookie with a little added ingredient…
For future reference it adds a little something if I witness this myself 😈

QuestionI love your blog already! So glad there's a good sub slut in my city. I'll wonder if it's you I walk past in the street, every day.... Answer

It could be 😉

Questionare you single because I'm based near you and am looking for a nasty whore Answer

I’m not sure if I’d describe myself as single - I do enjoy meeting new dominant men and will begin slut dating in the near future.

I like to get to know a little about someone before I discuss any possibility of a meeting.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI like your blog a lot. You manage to exude a lot of personality even when giving very short answers. This might be slightly off topic, but does it bother you that most of the people who submit questions are seemingly ignorant to the most basic rules of spelling and grammar? It takes me out of the experience when I have to decipher a text from someone who has decided they no longer need to use prepositions or punctuation. Anyways, I like red heads a lot and think you're cute. Answer

It’s certainly not a turn on.
I do find some very amusing and every once in a while I receive an interesting, eloquent question…


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QuestionLove your blog. Sigh. I'll never find a woman like you. Answer

Never say never…

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QuestionDo you send snapchat nudes? Answer

When I’m in the mood and not on my period.

It does 😘❤️💋


QuestionThe bar has been fun. I've been teasing you under the table all night. My fingers pulling those drenched panties of yours to the side and fucking you in public. I walk us to the car, and once we are behind some trucks in the parking lot I have my hand around the back of your neck, and you on your knees. Your eye watch me slowly unzip and pull out the thick cock you have felt grinding against you all night. Just your mouth, no hands. I want my cum on your lips before we drive home. Now say please Answer


I’ve been a little distracted lately. Without going into too much detail if I’m not entirely happy I’m not overly active these days.

Self pity isn’t something I tolerate for too long. I’m currently getting my shit together, I’ve taken to my bed after being felt up during a close friends wedding by someone that frankly should know better.
My head is wasted with rude and overly aggressive men, it’s times like these I wish I wasn’t such a slave to cock…I’m rather horny and it’s been too long since I’ve had proper use.


QuestionKik? Answer


QuestionI think we should get to know each other on kik cumslut Answer

Perhaps we should…

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QuestionWill u share ur snapchat name? Pretty pls 😘 Answer

Nympho_Princess. I’ve yet to actually use it but when the mood takes me…